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The world of rugs is flip-flop flat in a new limited edition collection designed by artist and graphic designer Roger Selden. Created for Post Design—the commercial arm of internationally famous Italian design group Memphis founded in 1981 by Ettore Sottsass—Selden's 'flip-flop' collection reveals a world where flat represents much more than just the two-dimensional reality of a rug. Hand-knotted in Nepal, the patterns of the collection's eleven wool rugs reflect ideas from throughout Selden's career, and reveal affinity to the graphic quality and colours of 1980s Memphis design. The 'flatness' of Memphis design related directly to Euclidian geometry, while Selden's cartoonish world of untethered hearts, heads, spectacles, coffee cups and more seems akin to weirdly wonderful non-Euclidean geometry where space looks 'normal' at the local level (Selden's 'flip') but not so normal on the global level (Selden's 'flop')...


Flip-flop for Memphis Milano
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Together with MEMPHIS MILANO, Roger Selden has designed a series of unique Vases and Carpets.



Crafted Society + Roger Selden x Inter Campus
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In May 2016 Crafted Society has launched a unique collaboration with the Milan-based artist; Roger Selden. Crafted Society commissioned new work from Selden for a limited edition set of cashmere-silk scarves, expertly crafted by our partners; Lanificio Arca in Tuscany. The scarves bare the art of Roger Selden. Only 250 scarves are produced per colour, with each one hand-numbered and baring the name of the artist. The Bruna Scarf collection is a true marriage of the creativity of the artist and the craftsmanship of the artisans.

Crafted Society and Selden have chosen Inter Campus as their preferred Social Impact Partner and have signed up to support the Inter Campus activity in Bosnia Herzegovina during the Fall of 2017. Crafted Society will destine the 5% of revenues generated {through the sale of their limited-edition cashmere scarves} to this programme.

To see the full collection and learn more on the collaboration please visit

Crafted Society + Roger Selden x Inter Campus from Crafted Society.

Bruna Scarf by Roger Selden