Scarf, 2017

Together with CRAFTED SOCIETY, Roger Selden has designed The Bruna Scarf This limited-edition, collectors’ item, has been crafted in Tuscany, Italy from an airy cashmere and silk-blend.

It comes hand numbered and is framed and finished by the hands of the master craftswomen at Lanificio Arca. Each scarf is limited to 250 pieces per colour option.

“The artisan is the artist’s third hand. With the collaboration of the master printer, ceramist, glassmaker, metalworker, woodworker etc. the artist is able to“live his creative dream.This is why I am more than happy to support the important project of Crafted Society."

Crafted Society + Roger Selden x Inter Campus from Crafted Society.

The Bruna Scarf, Black

The Bruna Scarf, Pistachio Green

The Bruna Scarf, Pistachio Green

The Bruna Scarf, Mid-Red

The Bruna Scarf, Royal Blue